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Men and the City Part 13: Truth Bombs Detonate

Updated: May 7, 2023

Men in the city are detonating truth bombs. In recent weeks, a former President was arrested, the top primetime TV news anchor was fired, and reshuffling at major networks from CNN to MSNBC and CBS has shaken up the media-industrial-complex. Meanwhile Russia’s war in Ukraine rages on, the banking crisis is metastasizing, and Parisian riots are intensifying. To the keen observer connecting the dots the forest is clearing for a more devastating deforestation just over the horizon. What truth bombs lie ahead?

The Gerontocracy’s censorious tactics have worked, for now.

The Gerontocracy has dropped a censorious bomb like a sonic boom in the sky. Crackdowns on Andrew Tate, Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson and ramped up regulatory attacks on cryptocurrencies are power plays, shots across the bow warning that any opposition to Beta-Tyranny, any rabble rouser speaking truth-to-power will not go unnoticed, unpunished, or uncensored. Fox News Stock dropped almost a billion dollars on the news of Carlson’s sudden departure. It is worth noting that BlackRock – the evil Wall Street empire – increased its ownership stake in Fox earlier this year, demonstrating unequivocally that Fox News Corporation has been cancelled, permanently.

The Gerontocracy’s censorious tactics have worked, for now. Like abused animals, betas and Doomers are quick to remind us that defeat is inevitable, and resistance was always futile. They insist that the only way forward is to replug into the Matrix or go off the grid Alaskan Bush style. Perhaps they are right? What is clear is that mainstream resistance to Beta-Tyrants has been wiped out apart from Elon Musk (see interview with Tucker here), and I suspect Twitter’s days are numbered once he steps down as CEO. Such a resounding defeat is the blackest of black pills even the most pollyannish rebel could swallow, and yet mysterious forces are at play and all is not what it appears.

The Problem is the Solution

The Gerontocracy is headed into the danger zone. Now that squeaky brake pads like Tucker Carlson are wiped clean, they have a clear path to self-destruction. It’s open season for executive delusion and Beta-Tyrants won’t disappoint. The German government announced last week it is officially shutting down all 17 nuclear facilities, rendering Germans highly vulnerable if a cold spell strikes next winter. As the debt ceiling approaches, the Biden administration is proposing more spending not less, and the Fed is likely to raise rates again in May. Groupthink dictates that Central Bankers across the world will follow the cool kids and hike global markets right over the cliff.

From the shadows whispers are becoming screeches that the global economy is in crisis. China’s reopening has been a whimper and business confidence is faltering. Across the US, industrial activity is slowing, unemployment – already worse than reported – is rolling over and a “bank walk” – depositors withdrawing funds – is pressuring SIFIs to raise interest rates to keep depositors, something they cannot do without blowing up their books (long duration assets are the gift that keeps on giving). Consumers are feeling the pinch from ever-higher cost-of-living and demand for anything but US Treasury bonds is stumbling.

Nature abhors vacuums but it does not forbid them either. A tyranny of incompetency, of mismanagement, of lethargic bureaucracy, and aging institutions is buckling under the weight of cognitive dissonance inside the halls of power. Binging on pork-barrel, denuclearization, de-carbonization, coerced vaccinations, silencing opposition, and weaponizing government agencies against skeptical citizenry sets in motion an explosive feedback loop. By squeezing the masses, the Gerontocracy is red pilling the world and awakening the compliant and complacent to a heretofore unspoken collapse of legitimate authority. When it gets bad enough, rats will jump ship, storm troopers will desert Beta-Tyrants and resignations will be tendered (witness 3 UK Prime Ministers in the last 6 months). In short, a power vacuum will form.

Countdown to Dr. Strangelove

Leaks from inside governments show signs of stress behind the scenes. In recent weeks whistleblowers and defectors have leaked documents undermining US narratives on the Russia-Ukraine War, coverups at the IRS, and even newly declassified 911 documents. Truth bombs are detonating everywhere usually a symptom of systemic disruption. Unfortunately, more pain is required to wake the normies. As long as the somnambulant masses can feast on Pumpkin Spiced Lattes truth bombs are fleeting headlines of whimsical curiosity, little more. Something tells me the inescapable tidal wave that rocks the street is imminent.

Dr. Strangelove was Kubrick’s cinematic skewering of the military-industrial-complex for the absurdity of nuclear saber rattling. According to film critic Rob Ager it was the most eviscerating anti-establishment film ever made and almost ended Kubrick’s career (see interview here). For those who have never seen Dr. Strangelove it is Hollywood histrionics worthy of a Cold War history seminar. Such a film would never be made today, and if by some miracle one were released, the consequences would be dire. Without powerful push back from auteur film makers, Gonzo journalists, and rebellious cypher punks checks on reckless or insane policymakers are gone.

A countdown to Dr. Strangelove might be the situation we face.

Now that the most powerful voices of dissent are sidelined – at least temporarily – a countdown to Dr. Strangelove might be the situation we face. The bad news is that until further notice the Gerontocracy has carte blanche to escalate war in Ukraine (risking nuclear conflict), to launch a CBDC (see FedNow), to mandate transgenders smash women’s sports records, to push the Woke agenda as far as it can go. The good news is that corporate media is dying, Neo-Alphas are stirring opposition, and red pill awareness is spreading like a virus. A new media-landscape is rising on Nostr and Substack, Bitcoinization is proliferating, and a Neo-Masculine Movement is burgeoning.

Darkest before Dawn

Catastrophizing is no way to live. There is only so much we can control and influence. However, there is a solid line between denial and acceptance. We should strive for the latter not the former. Denial implies capitulation, inaction, and defeat. Acceptance borne of awareness equals power if you avoid tumbling down the doomsday rabbit hole. Sean O'Casey says that “All the world's a stage and most of us are desperately unrehearsed” so remember Amat Victoria Curam – translation, "victory loves preparation." Be prepared, and help others do the same.

For the rank and file of the Neo-Masculine Movement it will be feast not famine.

Catastrophe also brings renewal through creative destruction. As the Age of Scarcity percolates the zeitgeist, values spurned to the point of obsolescence in the Age of Prosperity: courage, community, independent-thinking, hard work, honor and leadership, will reemerge with urgent demand. Men in the city equipped with these traits and hardened by harsh times these last two decades will be needed to rebuild and reform a decrepit system in ruins. For the rank and file of the Neo-Masculine Movement it will be feast not famine. Our time is near and truth bombs will make it so.

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