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Men and the City Part 10: The Matrix Strikes Back

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Men in the City are watching the old-world stumble like a prize fighter past his prime. Turbulent winds are wailing, and the Ancien Régime is beginning to sway like the "Gallopin' Gertie" before its horrific collapse (see below). Under duress, the dazed and confused gerontocracy is lashing out like a wounded animal crawling to its death. Autocrats, kings, tyrants and even bureaucrats are never quite as menacing as the instant before they lose power. Sometimes fallen leaders flee in a panicked and humiliating motorcade (Rajapaksa-Sri Lanka, Batista-Cuba), sometimes there is a protracted and brutal power struggle (English Civil War). In any case, transitions bring a shocking turn-of-events once thought impossible.

A series of shock waves struck this week topped by the unprecedented arrest of Donald Trump. After a decade of investigations (Russia), incriminations (Dossier), and Trump Derangement Syndrome the most reviled man in the elite “Super Zips” of DC, LA, and NYC, the Donald was finally arraigned in Manhattan and faces possible jail time (See the pandemonium below). Legacy media, mainstream pundits, and K-Street king makers delighted at the prospect of quarantining the “silver tongued demagogue,” consequences be damned. The first casualty is America’s once hallowed democracy. Faith in its impartiality and immunity from politically-sanctioned retribution is now shattered, and the specter of a radicalized politics – a State of Exception – is coming into view.

Meanwhile, rabid authorities struck further regulatory blows at the Cryptoverse. The Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) launched a quizzical investigation into Binance, the largest, most important Crypto exchange on earth. Binance is the sin qua non for crypto trading by volume (15 million visits per week) and operates in over 1600 markets across the world. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (code named “CZ”) – who is named personally in the law suit – called the charges “unexpected and disappointing,” leading many to believe that Coinbase could be next.

There’s more – worries are spreading fast in crypto circles about “The Restrict Act,” proposed legislation that could backdoor a Bitcoin ban (+cryptos et al) in the US. If passed, it implores the Commerce Secretary to “to identify, deter, disrupt, prevent, prohibit, and mitigate transactions involving information and communications technology products in which any foreign adversary has any interest.” Such vague word salad could be another gambit to target crypto if framed as foreign and adversarial like TikTok. These developments plus last month’s emergency closures of crypto-friendly banks – “Operation Choke Point” – is stoking fear that a government crackdown is afoot.

Luddites and Doomers

As the tides of change wash ashore, many stand in denial and some cast aspersions upon messengers bringing uncomfortable truths to market. It’s never the pyromaniac who is blamed, instead it is the man screaming fire who suffers the vengeful wrath of blind culpability. The betas and geriatrics are skeptical – How can we be so sure that tectonic plates are indeed shifting anyway, that the old guard cannot diffuse the debt bomb yet again, that ours is a time of revolution? Even if we have reached the end-of-cycle say the Doomers, what difference does it make what we do or believe? Are we not mere victims in a Shakespearian tragedy authored by meta-powers beyond our control?

The moment men in the city give in to fatalism, we become powerless. Alphas, Bitcoiners, and Red Pillers – the new vanguard – will thrive in the coming time of uncertainty and upheaval when the stakes are higher, and the risks are greater. Risk is not to be feared or avoided, it is an ally, a weapon to be wielded in our favor. Those who lean into the new paradigm stand to gain immeasurably while those who don’t will sink beneath the waves. Men in the city will capitalize on the new currency (Bitcoin) and leverage a new, empowering ethos (the Red Pill) to rise to the top of a new pyramid.

Those who lean into the new paradigm stand to gain immeasurably while those who don’t will sink beneath the waves.

Many will fight to stay plugged into the Matrix so let them go. Let the Luddites beclown themselves the way Western Union doubled down on the Telegram at the precise moment that Bell Labs launched the Telephone (read more here). Western Union did not discontinue Telegrams until 2006! Let Boomers pretend commercial banks are backstopped (Keep your eyes on CMBS) that authorities have safeguarded 401Ks and Social Security trust funds, that the dollar as world reserve currency is invulnerable, that OPEC+ and BRICS are not prepping to fire sale USD in favor of gold-backed currencies. Denial - like novocain - works until the numbness wears off.

Surviving the Transition

What can we do to survive the transition? How can we avoid being collateral damage as the Matrix overloads? First, do not disengage, do not retreat, or naively assume that ignoring stressful news and events shields you from its effects. Ayn Rand stated it well, “You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” Second, adopt a phased approach: phase one, diversify holdings so that some remain in the legacy system (multiple banks, cash-on-hand, and USD denominated assets) and some are held in the new system (Bitcoin, Gold); phase two, in the coming months and years, prepare to divest completely by having an exit plan for your money (wire and withdrawal).

Plan for disruption. Prepare for layoffs, assume hours will be cut, and revenue or income will taper off, or possibly stop. Try to cut back on expenses, improve credit scores, and pay down debt. Hedge against potential food shortages, higher gas prices, social unrest, and financial chaos by following these steps. At a minimum, discuss what you might do if explosive events happen with friends and family who are open to it. Above all, do not lose hope.

The world is changing, it is not ending and there is nothing the gerontocracy can do to stop it.

The world is changing, it is not ending and there is nothing the gerontocracy can do to stop it. Reactionary attempts to arrest political enemies, crypto crackdowns, and media censorship will only accelerate awakening. As time passes, more and more of the masses will wake up and join our ranks. For those who stubbornly cling to the old ways, try to be patient and give them time. Average folks are far more aware than many think so trust that others will come on board down the road. Finally, now is an opportune time to start something, a new business or venture, a marriage or move to some place new. Nature abhors a vacuum – as they say – so prepare to fill it with original ideas, cutting edge inventions, freethinking art and music, reformed communities, and new hope.

Join the Neo-Masculine Movement and embrace the new epoch because it has arrived!

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