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Men and the City Part 5: Alphas, Bitcoiners, and Doomsday

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Men in the city are clustering in online communities. In the past, mutinous activities formed mass movements and the public square was the staging ground, the place where Martin Luther posted his Ninety-Five Theses, where Parisian mobs stormed the Palais de Tuileries and Paul Revere alarmed the commonwealth that “The British are coming.” Today’s dissident energies are dispersed into online spaces and the public square is social media, a 21st century agora where viral networks are disrupting Mainstream narratives, corrupt governments, and concentrated financial power. Disillusionment with moribund legacy structures and obsolete ideas has led men in the city to three converging spaces: the Black Pill, the Orange Pill, and the Red Pill.

Spaces are less movements than common mental wavelengths or levels of consciousness. For the un-initiated, “taking the __ pill” is a reference to The Matrix (see below). Various pills reveal different interpretations of the world seen through the lens of sexual hierarchies, financial freedom, and individual empowerment (or disempowerment). The common thread that unites and attracts these communities is the inescapable awareness that we are living in a transformed world that demands new philosophies, monetary systems, marital arrangements, and skill sets for modern men to be successful and for society to flourish.

Take the Orange Pill

The Orange Pill is the belief that Bitcoin – the largest cryptocurrency network in the world – offers freedom from debt slavery. Those who dive into this rabbit hole are described as having taken the Orange Pill (Bitcoin logo is an orange B see below). Bitcoiners endorse Austrian economics, rage against the Federal Reserve, and distrust the banking system in general. The Orange Pilled tend to be younger Millennials and Zoomers but they are led by Michael Saylor, Cathie Woods and other advocates of blockchain technology. The Orange Pilled believe that Bitcoin – like the internet – is a monetary computer for the world. To them, Bitcoin is a financial revolution that transacts and stores value in Satoshis beyond the reach of central bank control and government censorship.

The Orange Pilled believe that Bitcoin – like the internet – is a monetary computer for the world.

A core tenet of taking the Orange Pill is the recognition that the fiat-currency-system is headed for collapse. The properties of Bitcoin compel a neural rewiring that reshapes how to think about global finance and one’s role as a cog in the debt machine. It provides a prescription, an antidote for the disease of debt-servility. Many in this community host discussions on Twitter, write newsletters (check out Arthur Hayes) and evangelize Bitcoin at conferences and meetups the way Missionaries spread the Gospel. Bitcoiners assert plainly that the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto offers the key to unlocking the monetary shackles of a dying system.

Alphas take the Red Pill

The Red Pill is a masculine awakening to a new epoch of social relations. It has recently mainstreamed with controversial characters like Andrew Tate and Jordan Peterson, even Elon Musk has referenced the term. Taking the Red Pill is often oversimplified as a discourse on dating. The Red Pilled internalize far deeper social insights into how men relate to women and importantly how society is constructed along evolutionary lines. Vox Day's VLOG on The Socio-Sexual Hierarchy breaks down Alphas, Betas, Deltas, Gammas and Omegas, the competitive hierarchy of men in the city (see below).

Red Pill followers rally to Alphas who have splintered off from corporate conformity to broadcast social realities from the Manosphere (read more here). Under the tutelage of Rollo Tomassi or Aaron Clarey, men discover that a psycho-spiritual-social vacuum has emerged for men in the city. Women come to realize that being a Boss Bitch is self-destructive to their relationships, happiness, and fulfillment. Taking the Red Pill – like taking the Orange Pill – is empowering and enlightening. It helps formulate life-changing revelations about your role in society and how to positively affect or change it.

Doomers and Black Pills

Breakthrough revelations about how the world functions are dangerous and subversive to the old order. New insights into social dynamics and a heightened awareness of monetary entrapment can lead Orange and Red Pillers down a dark path to deterministic defeatism – we call this the Black Pill. Black Pillers aka Doomers are convinced that doomsday – financial Armageddon, the Chadpocalyspe, or WEF dystopia – is imminent, inevitable, and unavoidable. These folks (mostly men) believe that society is hopelessly broken, irreparably indebted, and so upside down that nothing can be done to right the ship. They believe that resistance is foolish and will only hasten demise. In short, they have lost hope.

Doomers are disempowered men. They are viciously disparaged by society and constitute a growing minority of marginalized men who have checked out of a system that no longer values them. Mainstream pundits deride Doomers as INCELs or creepers. After thousands of rejections online or in-person many become MGTOWs who have forsaken dating altogether. Many are entrapped in the darkness of unemployment and succumb to opioid or porn addiction. Tragically, suicide is often their way out. These men are forgotten and for them doomsday has become reality.

A New Future, A New Hope

The dawn of a new era often comes when societies fracture into parallel communities. When this happens, survival equals triumph. Just as our simian ancestors fragmented into small groups of hunter-gatherers and chose different Alphas to lead them to food and water and shelter, that same choice confronts us today. Communities that are unified, well led, and resolutely focused on the practical task of surviving, on optimizing limited resources and enduring harsh winters will prevail. Conversely, those piloted by phonies and lose focus on the bottom line of survival, those communities shatter.

The coming inversion will wash away the archaic, corrupt, and flimsy and crown King the antifragile and the truth-tellers, once again.

The new Alphas, the Bitcoiners and Doomers are converging without knowing it. These spaces are clued into the coming age of scarcity, each stresses adaptation in different ways. Bitcoiners are hodling for the fast-approaching fiat storm and Alphas are separating from the woke mob and fragile bureaucracies to find other like-minded men. Doomers are desperate for a new epoch to grant them salvation. They are lost and alone but the sting of hardship has forced eyes to open.

To these groups the coming inversion will wash away the archaic, corrupt, and flimsy and crown King the antifragile and the truth-tellers, once again. If “One man can stop the motor of the world” perhaps the awakened men of the city are the beginnings of a neo-masculine movement that can save it? For more on the next epoch for men in the city, subscribe and don't forget to like or comment below!



Thank you Cameron everything very well written and on point …..

LOVE is the answer it always was and it always will !

HATRED paralyzes life LOVE releases it . HATRED confuses life LOVE harmonizes it.

HATRED darkens life LOVE illuminates it .(*MLK)

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