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Why Knight Traveller?

A cause worth fighting for!

Do you ever stare outside the window closest to your cubicle and wonder if life could be different, if it could mean more than a bigger office, a better title, or a brand new car? I stared out at the world for years as a 9:5er until the urgency of life made me sprint for the exit.

I began Knight Traveller to discuss the ideas and subjects that are important to me and especially to men across the globe. I can think of no better way to understand the world than to see it up close. Since life is more urban today than ever before, exploring the world's finest cities is critical to becoming more engaged in the things that affect your mind and soul.

Cities represent the central nervous system of the global mind. It is in the city where the greatest art, the highest culture, and the biggest challenges for 21st century men lie. Join me on my quest to conquer the city, the next frontier for a new, modern man.

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