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Men and the City Part 14: Sex, Scarcity and Succession

Updated: May 7, 2023

Long live the King!

Men in the city are living through a brutal succession. Breakdown of the financial system continues to beleaguer Beta-Tyrants struggling to maintain control (First Republic bought by JP Morgan / PacWest shares plunge). A peaceful passage of power occurs when nations are unified, when lines of succession are clear, and governing systems: communities, economies, elections, shared beliefs etc. are stable and strong. While the normies plugged into the Matrix fearfully cling to denial, the awakened and engaged, the Red Pilled, Orange Pilled and Black Pilled recognize that turbulent times are just beginning.

The emergence of a new order, a new cycle, a new regime comes under different circumstances, sometimes fireworks, sometimes pomp and circumstance, sometimes on HBO (Final Season of Succession just released). It is apropos that the coronation of King Charles III transpired this week on the 6th of May. In so many ways Charles is symbolic of his time. Like President Biden he is a septuagenarian whose belated rise to power comes in his twilight years, after minds and bodies are “made weak by time and fate.” Charles’ reign is likely to be short-lived and my guess is that the newly crowned King of England will purpose his abbreviated rule to prepping the way for his son and future King, William – as a good father should. If all goes to plan, Charles will helm the monarchy through volatility before passing the torch.

A new regime comes under different circumstances, sometimes fireworks, sometimes pomp and circumstance.

As chaotic systems, human societies rarely abide by the plan, especially when nations slope into extremism. During times of instability when the weak and corrupt preside, social upheaval serves as self-correction, it is humanity’s check on tyranny run amok. Aristotle suggested an ethical framework for persons entrapped in a virtue-vice cycle badly off kilter. Like a stick that is misshapen and bent, he counseled, one must bend it back in the opposite extreme to straighten it. The Bent Stick Remedy – as it is known – is a crude analogy but such a diametric rebalancing is germinating in the psyches of men in the city whose warped experience in recent decades has been an unrelenting campaign of vice over virtue.

The Scarcity Ethos

Like a body detoxing after years of neglect and abuse, men in the city are flooding the airwaves with white blood cells of truth to neutralize mental pathogens that threaten their survival. The Manosphere, Bitcoiners, and Neo-Alphas stress an ethos of scarcity, a movement to purge the materialistic splurge endorsed by a culture of consumerism, of unearned entitlement, of unchecked hypergamy, of honor in the dollar and nothing else. The red pilled know the path to riches lies not in luxuriant gluttony or gorging on Instagram props with debased fiat; rather, those are the vices preached in the Age of Prosperity, a debauched time of reckless indulgence skidding to a screeching halt.

The new ethos is defined by the discipline of scarcity. The entrepreneurial guru MJ Demarco captures the essence of this mentality in his book Unscripted: “unearned luxury equates to earned suffering,” he says. Borrowing money you don’t have to finance a life you don’t live to impress others doing the same never results in happiness and often ends in financial ruin. A far more empowering ethos is self-restraint, moderation, and austerity. Demarco states further: “huge life imbalance precede success;” he means imbalances that favor self-discipline and short-term sacrifice for long-term success.

The sexual marketplace today is all chase and no cheese.

Sex – like money – is governed by similar principles of abstention for both men and women. Deep down young men and women sense that usury (borrowing) of sexual partners like usury of money is self-destructive. Dating today equals spinning plates and indiscriminately rotating through partners to the point of emotional benumbing. The sexual marketplace is all chase and no cheese like a rat slavishly probing for cheese in an endless maze. In the process of bedding one partner after another on rinse and repeat the underlying psycho-spiritual connection between human beings regresses to a fitness routine. Any mystique, deeper meaning, or pair bonding is vacant.

Of course – the description above only characterizes a narrow sliver of participants, mostly urban women and a few men. The vast majority are cutoff and sexless men suffering a drought of connection altogether. Such a scarcity has unleashed painful hardship and emptiness for men in the city (see video above), and a spike in single-childless women - what JP Morgan calls the "Sheconomy." Yet – at the climax (pun intended) of such a harrowing psychological void borne of sexual frustration, disempowerment and loneliness, the embryo of a new ethos has birthed. The Neo-Masculine Movement is a collective catharsis for a new way of life, an escape from the sexual rat race and corporate greed fest, a resolution for something better.

The Crucible of Succession

At the inception of Men and the City I made the case that modern men are missing a mission – succession is that mission. Ours is a time of violent transition, when the stock for architects, builders, engineers, innovators, soldiers and statesmen, thinkers and kings will rise. New communities (Manosphere) are spreading as we speak, new technologies (ChatGPT) are launching, and new projects (Bitcoin Improvement Proposals) for men to pour their impassioned energies into are proliferating. A collapse of the legacy system will finally liberate the pent-up libidinous forces and frustrations of masses of men so that new citadels and kingdoms can be built on the ashes of a dilapidated system.

Modern men are missing a mission and succession is that mission.

Such a future sounds bright but surviving the transition will be a crucible. Powerful villains and Beta-Tyrants are arrayed against us. The woke mob, censorious bureaucrats and regulatory reactionaries are filling the ranks to defend the Gerontocracy. Central bankers and corporate media will not go quietly. It is incumbent on men in the city to stay the course. The Neo-Masculine Movement must push back with unyielding vigor and ethical clarity against the crooked system that torments us. This is our mission.

Behind the ideological groupthink and mainstream newspeak is a corrosive financial system blowing up before our eyes.

Remember, at the core of the Matrix, behind the ideological groupthink and mainstream newspeak is a corrosive financial system blowing up before our eyes. It is no accident that Satoshi's Bitcoin is a monetary innovation rooted in scarcity, the inverse of bottomless debt usury. Indeed, masses are deserting the corporate life to live off-the-grid with less ritzy conveniences and more self-reliance and entrepreneurial freedom. Likewise, red pilled men in the city are rebelling against the mirage of 9:5 conformity and "safe" 401Ks to emancipate themselves from a system that promises abundance but delivers IOUs. As the Age of Scarcity approaches the discipline of scarcity in our lives – in finance, ego, and sex – will win our succession.

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