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Men and the City 29 - Man Against Metrics Part 3

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Men in the city are spring loaded for transformative change. Global carnage is accelerating so in a dire effort to retain control Gerontocrats are escalating, doubling down on old tactics and old wars, which is only hastening a New World Order and the destruction of theirs. For those of you who have diligently read these essays (I thank you) you know that I foresee an Age of Scarcity rising in the ruins of the Age of Prosperity, and a violent transition in between. As evidence compiles of egregious mismanagement, corruption, and historic incompetence on the part of Western leaders, the likelihood that chaotic events snowball is multiplying with each passing month. However, whereas consensus among many sober minded thinkers forecast the slow and inexorable death of the West, I do not share this view.

Ours is a time of agency. While every historical precedent is imperfect, my sense is that we are not moving into the early stages of a Third World War. Rather, we are living in a time of reformation, much like the Protestant Reformation led by Martin Luther. The Reformation was a deluge whose fallout provoked the Thirty Years War, arguably the first European continental war, but in the end modern Europe was born. It is highly possible that the Neo-Masculine Movement, which I predict will fast become an umbrella for variegated reformist movements (monetary reform, gender rebalancing, political reconstruction, and spiritual awakening) across the West unleashes similar destruction. However, in these early stages we are active participants in the fate of nations and perhaps now more than ever – we have the agency to shape new movements and become future leaders.

For the Neo-Masculine Movement to succeed men must cooperate and congeal.

Much will depend on organization and teamwork. Vladimir Lenin, the tyrant’s tyrant (as I call him), a villainous genius for systematized terror said: “our fighting method is organization.” Similarly, for the Neo-Masculine Movement to succeed men must cooperate and congeal to forestall the worst-case scenarios inherent in the collapse and overthrow of governments. Men in the City must plan for systematic reform and reconstruction, both require profound technical skill, expertise, and visionary leadership. Without effectively managing and staffing mass movements with human capital coordinated in broader organizations, no meaningful change will come.

Men suffer today for many reasons, none more acute than a lack of purpose.

Realizing the promise of “sudden and spectacular change” is the purpose of Neo-Masculinity. Men suffer today for many reasons, none more acute than a lack of purpose. In the first installment of Men and the City (read here) I was clear that men hunger for a heroic mission worthy of self-sacrifice and human-investment. Men endeavor to “spend themselves in a worthy cause.” Now is the time to rally around the cause of reform and reconstruction, to band together and push back on the tormentors of our age, the Gerontocracy and Beta-Tyrants running the world ship aground. Normies won’t do it, neither will the beta-bureaucrats, the naysayers or Doomers. It is incumbent on us – the Red Pilled Men in the City – as it always has been, to act and right the ship. What must be done?

Fall of Tyrants

Governments are cracking under immense pressure. Earlier this month the Uni-Party in Washington DC experienced a shell shock. GOP Speaker of the House (Third in line to be President) – Kevin McCarthy – was ousted by a small defection led by Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz from Florida. Such a development is unprecedented in Congressional politics. The disruption is just the beginning of volatile governance in DC. McCarthy’s removal was the first of many casualties to come. Fiscal meltdown, economic crisis, and strategic overstretch will bring down leaders across the US government in the months ahead, including President Biden.

Cracks in stable governance are spreading in the Eurozone. In Slovakia, the election of Robert Fico with a dominant majority sent a strong signal to Eurocrats that support for the War in Ukraine is evaporating in Central Europe. Fico strongly opposed the war in Ukraine and during his presidential run refused interview requests from the Mainstream Media. At the same time, AfD outperformed in German elections, showing still greater momentum for sovereign-nationalist parties in Central Europe while the brittle coalition led by Chancellor Olaf Scholtz and the Greens appears to be in “suspended collapse.” Lastly, friction between Poland and Ukraine is further eroding the war effort and by extension Globalist control of Europe.

The world’s leadership does not appear to be up to the challenges ahead.

Similar splintering is hampering Israel’s “unity” government. Hamas’ surprise attack was noteworthy in its scale, sophistication, and devastation, lethality against Israel unseen since the Yom Kippur War in 1973. While rumors abound regarding the nature of the defensive breakdown, it is likely the embattled Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will take the blame and be forced to step down. Well-respected veteran journalist Seymour Hirsch put it bluntly “Netanyahu Is Finished.” In any case, Israel’s current leadership – like much of the world’s – its crisis response and incoherent military strategy does not appear to be up to the challenges ahead.

It’s the Economy Stupid

If that was not bad enough, the Global Financial System continues its slow death. While mainstream pundits parade America as the indestructible economy (see above) virtually everything that could break is breaking. For Americans (and westerners in general) living in a deindustrialized and morbidly financialized economy, that means banks, bonds and private equity markets are melting down. Bank of America (B of A), the second largest bank in the US, is now effectively insolvent and slowly going bust under the strain of spiking interest rates. Like banks across America, it has over $130 Billion of unrealized losses likely concentrated in Mortgage-Backed Securities (MBS) (Remember those?). If you recall, a similar crippling mismatch of assets versus liabilities took down Silicon Valley Bank; when B of A depositors figure out their money is in the ether, more bank runs will strike.

While I have focused largely on banks, bonds and energy as the catalysts for serious disruption there are equally troubling signs in perhaps the most important asset in the world – real estate. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), commercial real estate in major metropolitan areas is cratering in a downward spiral. Even in prime locations like Manhattan, NYC the rise of work-from-home employees combined with inner city violence, soaring cost-of-living, and business slowdown has cut valuations for office buildings virtually in half (40%) from 2019 to 2020. And this is just the start because lease renewals are staggered into the future so expect a spree of defaults to crash office stock around the world.

There are no easy solutions either. Converting office space into badly needed urban housing is extremely expensive and may not be feasible depending on structural impediments. Further, as commercial buildings collapse in value municipal governments already under budgetary duress lose tax revenue, never mind the loss of business activity. A “Office Real Estate Apocalypse” as NBER terms it, could set off a “fiscal doom loop.” When that happens, surging crime and poverty will explode.

What about residential real estate? Alarm bells are beginning to ring there too based on several recent surveys indicating defaults are picking up, especially as Federal forbearance programs sunset. The crux of the issue, however, is affordability. American wealth is largely stratified by generation – Baby Boomers are worth some $55 Trillion compared to $5 Trillion among their Millennial offspring. Some believe Boomer Moms and Dads are providing home loans to prop up Millennial demand (see video above). In any case, Millennials, numerically the largest generation are NINJAs – no income, no jobs, no assets. So, who is left to buy homes?

Who Fills the Power Vacuum?

The Gerontocracy is unwittingly laying the groundwork for disaster. The risk of nuclear conflict between the Great Powers is a very real and present danger that DC elites and their Globalist backers are ignoring. As the Middle East descends into a regional war of Muslim States against Israel America's next steps are precarious. Reckless unilateral support for Israel will boomerang just as the misbegotten intervention in Ukraine did (read more). The demise of the legacy structure could also set in motion the emergence of a Neo-Lenin, the spontaneous ascent of a new Reign of Terror led by a Robespierrian figure eager to fill the power vacuum. All things become possible in the State of Exception.

Bad economics and political turmoil may be accelerating but they are not new developments so why assume governments will fall? In short, the answer is terrible decision-making. Ultimately, the scotch tape holding Western governments together is fiscal stability. An enormous welfare state is the only thing stitching Western countries together: not shared culture, common language, history or religion, not national purpose, not "equality of social conditions" or common ideology. Ironically, the very divisiveness that threatens the Gerontocracy, is what elites believe to be the essence of their power.

The only loyalty among governing technocrats is the promise of fiscal enrichment under the guise of ideological conformity.

Delusion is kryptonite. Ascending to power is altogether different from keeping it, especially in times of turbulence when the rules of the game change. As is well stated in The Dictator’s Handbook, “Successful leaders manage these risks by locking in a loyal coalition.” In truth, the only loyalty among governing technocrats is the promise of fiscal enrichment under the guise of ideological conformity. Elites in DC, Brussels, London etc. know well how to virtue-signal, how to convert pablum into Orwellian newspeak, and enrich themselves with government kickbacks in the process. They know next to nothing about building loyal coalitions.

Without loyal coalitions governments fall, and quickly. As the fiscal endgame eviscerates talking points, elites will find themselves overwhelmed. As austerity measures soon to be imposed by disgruntled creditors are sprung like traps on wild dogs in the form of massive cuts to welfare, food stamps, Medicare, pensions, government contracts etc. Beta-Tyrants will be blindsided. Increasingly large throngs of angry, Balkanized, and hungry mobs of impoverished dependents will descend upon these ill-prepared governors. Will they respond with decisive strength, with brute force, with a robust plan of action, or will they simply resign and flee in fear? I submit it will be the latter.

Revolutions erupt for many reasons but perhaps most acute is alienation. As Samuel Huntington explained in his seminal work Political Order in Changing Societies, revolutions are “the violent expansion of political participation outside the existing structure.” Who in the West has been systematically excluded and suppressed? Who has been marginalized by government mandate and silenced by censorship? Who has been the butt of vitriolic insult, and openly scapegoated by popular culture and mainstream pundits? We know the answer to that question.

Men and Fate

The Neo-Masculine Movement, the festering phalanx of testosterone will fill the void. It is the frustrated, the embittered and marginalized men, the cannon fodder of Woke intellectuals, the alienated cohort of sexless men who are the rank and file of the Neo-Masculine Movement. They will cohere under the Neo-Alphas, the Red Pilled, and join forces with Bitcoiners and the nascent Alternative-Media-Complex. As the legacy structure gives way, as it crumbles under the weight of its own delusion, as dangerously misguided elites maniacally sprint into yet another disastrous war, a self-destructive feedback loop will rattle the foundations of the Gerontocracy. Their reign will be no more.

Patterns are revealing. In the madness of the moment there appears to be no harmony, no structure, no meaning, perhaps no justice. In the fog of war or the friction of battle life becomes a Rorschach test. It is evacuated of coherence, seemingly there is no Godliness or cosmic significance. However, in the expanse of time, which sadly often comes on the heels of avoidable violence and destruction, we discover purpose and structure. As Joseph Ford said, “Evolution is chaos with feedback.” Such feedback has begun, but will it be empty static or Divine Providence?

We, the men in the city, can shape these “patterns inside patterns” more so than most believe.

That question will be answered in time. My message to you is that we, the men in the city, can shape these “patterns inside patterns” more so than most believe. Doing so requires faith, a faith in transcendence and divinity, above all faith in man over metrics. If we act accordingly, perhaps history will reveal that justice will be done after all.

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