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Men and the City 26: A Masculine Exodus

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Men in the city are missing in action. After decades of “quiet desperation,” masses of men are abandoning legacy paradigms across the spectrum. The 9:5 paradigm is no longer compelling for younger men disinclined to suffer the “slings and arrows” of hostile HR bureaucrats, woke co-workers, and mindless corporate slavery. Marriage is risky for men because the downside of divorce means the juice isn’t worth the squeeze anymore. Without a meaningful mission, without a valued place in society, men are divesting, and society is cratering into disequilibrium as a result.

A masculine exodus has begun. There are fewer and fewer men inside legacy institutions: less men are attending college and university, men are dropping out of the sexual marketplace, and more and more are living at home with parents. Without men, social-economic-structures are breaking down and faith in the legacy system – the glue that holds society together – is collapsing as well. As men are economically squeezed, politically disenfranchised, and socially marginalized, more and more are coalescing into the Neo-Masculine-Movement.

As men are squeezed and marginalized, more and more are coalescing into the Neo-Masculine-Movement.

In the developed world, this is most apparent in the jobs market. Remember, men at work is economic stimulus whereas unemployed men sparks social unrest. According to Zerohedge, the numbers of unemployed young people (16-24) is surging around the world, both in the developing world and the West. In China, youth unemployment exceeds 20%, in France its approaching 17%, in the UK 12%, and in Spain it is an alarming 27%. While there are myriad reasons for a bulge in youth unemployment there is a key disparity, far more men are unemployed than women.

Men are falling out of the jobs market. Back to Zerohedge: “In most OECD countries, it’s common to see young men experiencing a higher unemployment rate compared to young women.” Gender disparities are especially acute in Finland, Slovakia, the UK, Lithuania, Belgium, and Iceland (see below). Women have been relatively insulated from structural economic changes since the 1980s when Globalization de-industrialized much of the West, especially core Anglo countries like the US and UK. Further, females tend to work for bloated government backed sectors like healthcare and social welfare, the beneficiaries of runaway fiscal spending. (Yet another reason financial crisis will rebalance gender disparities)

Masculine Misfits

Crucially, men are also voluntarily leaving the workforce. According to National Review, there is a flight from work in the United States where the unemployment rate is almost certainly understating growing numbers of unemployed men (labor participation rate is declining). National Review believes the masculine exodus from the labor market is outwardly mysterious but posit it has something to do with Fight Club. The film, they argue, promoted a secret masculine desire to live free of responsibility, a fantasy of liberation from the “bondage of breadwinning.” Such a glib misinterpretation of Fight Club’s resonance as an exploration of the crisis of masculinity, is yet another sleight against men.

Remember, men at work is economic stimulus whereas unemployed men sparks social unrest.

Men – at present, are the reliable whipping boys for the Gerontocracy, and therein lies the problem. Fight Club was a film ahead of its time because it tapped into a festering masculine frustration beginning to boil over into backlash against corporate emasculation, mass consumerism, and feminization. While not all these themes were fully developed in Fight Club, its central motif – masculine revolt – has only strengthened in appeal over the last 20 years. National Review’s reactionary misandry reflects a dangerous cognitive dissonance soon to wreak havoc in a world gone mad.

Escalation from feminization to Wokism (soon to be Bolshevism full throttle) has so infected modern institutions that masculinity in any form is now villainized. The ruling paradigm lionizes female virtues: agreeableness, consensus, empathy, soft-skills, and bureaucratic compliance while adventure, courage, strength, hard-skills, and masculine dynamism centered in core competencies like construction, engineering and manufacturing are demoted. Beta-Tyrants inside the Gerontocracy are doing what all tyrants do, flexing their muscles by bullying the disempowered, in this case young men.

Global Fight Club

Blowback is coming because the emasculation of society comes at a heavy price. There are two economies, the financialized economy concentrated in the banking system, capital markets (Wall Street), Venture Capital, and increasingly government sectors like education and healthcare, and the real economy: agriculture, construction, engineering, manufacturing, and petrol-chemicals etc. The financialized economy depends upon the real economy, which consists overwhelmingly of men. Without men, core industries that drive the real economy crumble and eventually so does the financialized economy. Ultimately, capital is derivative, it derives its value from tangible and productive human activity in the real world.

Masculine exodus is yet another indicator that men see no value in toiling for a system that hates and exploits them.

Friction between the financialized economy and the real economy is shaping an emerging conflict between the Gerontocracy and the Neo-Masculine Movement. In many ways the bifurcation outlines the transition from the Age of Prosperity into the Age of Scarcity. As debts explode to finance victim-economics – entitlements and freebies for aggrieved ("special") groups – the underlying productivity needed to service these debts is drying up. Masculine exodus from the labor force is yet another indication that men see no value in toiling for a system that hates and exploits them.

A feverish rage is fueling the masculine divestment from society. Men increasingly feel betrayed, devalued, and powerless, many are happy to let society burn down as they step back (see YouTube comments above). Resistance is spreading in the rank and file of unemployed, sexless and red pilled men around the world massing into a global fight club, a global masculine movement enraged by a broken social contract. Social contracts are not written in legalese, they are promises bound by blood. When social contracts are violated, when men are denied the American dream, the chance for a better life alongside family and community, blood is spilled and societal bonds are shattered, sometimes irreparably. As Alfred says to Bruce Wayne, “That's how it starts, the fever, the rage, the feeling of powerlessness, that turns good men...cruel.” (see Batman v Superman clip above)

Evolution or Revolution?

Some believe a Darwinian struggle is embedded in current dialectics. Feminine and masculine, red pill and blue pill, Gerontocracy and Neo-Masculine might be opposing dyads fated to destroy or surpass one another. Indeed, certainly Globalists frame the world in such Manichean terms: men are villains, women are victims, diversity is strength, homogeneity is racist, decarbonization saves the planet, fossil fuels pollute it etc. From this perspective, winners are the elites, nature’s fittest, the select while men falling through the cracks in the classroom, in the economy, and the sexual marketplace are fodder for the Gods of progress.

Winners are the "elites", nature's fittest, and the men falling through the cracks are fodder for the Gods of progress.

A more likely interpretation is that we are living in revolutionary times rather than evolutionary times. There are consequences for disturbing the natural equilibrium of an ecosystem, a community, a nation, or a civilization. Sometimes those consequences lead to Permian Extinctions, sometimes they lead to sudden reversals of fortune. Sometimes breakdown and chaos impel “spontaneous order,” the Fall of Tyrants, and the Return of Kings. Such changes speak to the cyclicality of the human experience, an enigmatic journey of consciousness that transcends two-dimensional Newtonian physics; rather, one that is supernatural, spiritual, and divinely provident.

Whatever happens, I suspect that the Gods of Finance will decide. As the legendary investor Stanley Druckenmiller said, "Never, ever invest in the present." The Gerontocracy and victim economics are the present. Theirs is a fragile, unstable, and wobbly order dominated by thin-skinned Beta-Tyrants dependent on shadowy Central Bankers choreographing a fugazi economy. The Neo-Masculine Movement is the future, and the spirit of revolution rises as fiat falls. What the world looks like on the other side is hard to say but the transition will bring scarcity and masculinity will flourish, once again.

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