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Men and the City 20: Dissent and Disclosure

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Men in the city are waking up. As the financial system implodes, as bank runs spread, as real-estate prices fall and rents rise, as the ranks of jobless, sexless, and red pilled men swell dissent intensifies. In recent weeks and months, the ebb and flow of masculine revolt and bureaucratic backlash trades body blows like two heavy weight prize fighters battling for the title. The Matrix is short-circuiting, and the Gerontocracy is lashing out in a panic to maintain control over normies and plebes. Unlike years past when lurid threats propagated through Mainstream Media talking points alone were enough to quell resistance, today’s censorship and intimidation is only hardening dissent in a spiraling feedback loop of revolt.

Look at how far we have come since March 2020. Lockdowns, mandatory vaccinations, contested elections, violence in city streets, geo-political conflict, rising prices, falling stocks and toilet paper wars too (see video above). At the heart of it all is the erosion of confidence and the breakdown of trust in the old order, in banks and governments, in Hollywood and Wall Street, in 9:5 and 401Ks, in white picket fences and the American dream. Demand for disclosure and accountability for the corrupt and negligent is intensifying. No wonder talk of secret re-engineered spacecraft and UFOs, Pedogate and human trafficking, sabotaged pipelines and rogue intelligence operations are going viral.

Power transitions disclose long suppressed and hidden secrets.

Men in the city are preparing for devastating truth-bombs. Whether disclosures of secret government programs, Pedogate cover ups, or exposés of war mongering elites pan out or not are open questions, but the larger point is that cracks are forming in the Gerontocracy. Whistleblowers, rabble rousers and truth-tellers are multiplying against crooked government agencies, Hollywood directors, and WEF “green” programs and the rebellion has only just begun. History teaches that defections proliferate when regimes are fragile (read more here), when their grip on power loosens, when paranoia becomes policy. Power transitions are fraught with peril in part because long suppressed and hidden secrets are finally disclosed, opening the floodgates of shocking revelation with unpredictable public response.

Neo Alphas contra Matrix Media

Censorship has gained momentum over the last six months and yet resistance appears to be strengthening. After a brutal 90-day imprisonment in Romania earlier this year, Andrew Tate has started doing interviews (see interview with Valuetainment) again and he continues to command enormous audiences and popular support. Tucker Carlson has resumed his career on Twitter and is generating tens of millions of views. Even the legally embattled Donald Trump met with enthusiastic supporters in Miami. It seems the Matrix is under assault from resilient Neo-Alphas feeding popular frenzy for dissent.

A sea change that began a decade ago with the rise of alternative media is now reaching denouement.

This week whistleblowers led by Steven Greer convened a large meeting at the Washington Press Club focused on disclosure of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAPs). Last year was the first formal public hearing on UFOs (now UAPs) in 50 years (see more here). The Disclosure Project Intelligence Archive consists of: government documents from the US, Canada, Australia, Russia, the UK etc., a list of 752 witnesses from different government agencies and departments including ex-military personnel, 121 UFO crash case references and a bevy of spectacular, unbelievable, and horrifying first-hand-accounts from rattled eyewitnesses (see more in video below). What this all means is hard to say and yet its significance should not be understated given the scale, public inquiry, and congressional involvement.

Disclosure and dissent reflect a broader crisis of credibility in the Matrix Media Complex. CNN ousted their rookie CEO Chris Licht last month after only two months. Licht is just the latest fall guy for the widespread distrust in the mainstream press, proving that corporate media as constructed is a bankrupt business model. CNN’s ratings collapse, as Matt Lewis from the Daily Beast writes, and “The descent into ratings hell began well before Licht was hired.” Bias is institutional at CNN and rooting that out is virtually impossible, as it is throughout the legacy media. A sea change that began a decade ago with the rise of alternative media is now reaching denouement, and the recent firing of Tucker Carlson symbolizes the death blow for a moribund industry.

Wake the Normies!

Thomas Paine, a pamphleteer and propagandist who was no stranger to revolutionary times was surgical when he penned, “Time makes more converts than reason.” Mass awakening is a painfully slow process, especially for those of us who were red pilled long ago. Human beings are animals and as such our natural predisposition favors inaction, gullibility, and a preference for the comforts of slavery rather than the uncertainty of freedom. The Matrix for many – perhaps most – blue pilled normies is a sanctuary from the scandalous disclosures beginning to red pill the world. During unstable transitions from one age to another, from the Age of Prosperity to the Age of Scarcity, waking the normies is a dangerous affair.

The West is due for a psychological crash, a red pill moment, a sudden withdrawal from the comforts of blue pill delusion.

Better to let the psychological unwinding occur on its own. Little can be done to persuade most people on banal issues, never mind challenge long-standing ironclad beliefs the masses have been spoon fed for generations. That said, even willful ignorance comes at a high price. Easy access to information combined with social media saturation supercharges the observer effect. Attempts to drown out dissent and disclosure only confirms its impact and magnifies its reach. Further, the pernicious effects of decades of corruption, mismanagement, and deceit from Beta-Tyrants inside the Gerontocracy is beginning to disrupt everyday life. Check out this letter released late last year from concerned engineers and citizens about imminent power outages in New York City. (read here)

Such gross incompetence with America’s precious resources makes these disturbances unignorable and when combined with megaphones of dissent pulsating through internet airwaves even the far reaches of Normieville feel them, believe me. Addictions – whether to drugs or food or delusions – usually end the same way, in a crash. The West is due for a psychological crash, a red pill moment, a sudden withdrawal from the comforts of blue pill delusion. All bets are off regarding when this cathartic psychological release will come. However, after decades of pent-up-frustration and self-medicated-restraint a social recoil is cocked all the way back ready to spring forward at any moment. Men in the city stand at the ready to harness this typhoon of disillusionment into a Neo-Masculine Movement. For my money, that moment is near.

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